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Magnetic Eyelashes Sets™

Magnetic Eyelashes Sets™

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Reusable & Will Last All Day With No Touch-Ups

Made of a high-quality, durable stainless steel alloy, the magnets will easily hold all day. The eyelash hairs are made of premium synthetic fiber so they appear natural and wispy.

Apply Your Lashes in Seconds

A faster, easier way to apply false eyelashes. Our magnetic applicator is an innovative tool that fuses false lashes to your own, without the need for glue or chemicals.
It leaves a long-lasting curl, without ruining your makeup or harming your eyes.

No Magnetic Liner, No Glue, No Irritation, No Mess

Our lashes are safer to use than non-magnetic lashes. This is because they don't need glue, eyeliner, or chemicals that can harm your eyes.
No need to use your fingers anymore either! Our curved-shaped applicator can safely apply your lashes with precision. It fits all eye shapes, and the soft magnets make it safe for sensitive skin.
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