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Sinksift Elite

Sinksift Elite

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Effortless cleaning! Keep your kitchen sink sparkly, with minimal effort!

Benefits and features

  • Stay away from soggy food - Stop picking up soggy food and waste from the drain, SinkSift Elite will handle that for you!

  • Save precious time - The sink strainer bags have a fine weave that catches even small food particles, easy to set up and replace filters!

  • Stop worrying about blocked drainage - No food waste in the drain equals no more blocked drainage equals no more maintenance! 

  • Keeps sink clean - Without any soggy food in your sink, no more worrying about a dirty, smelly kitchen!

  • Save money - Stop wasting money on drainage maintenance by avoiding the core problem - having food in your sink. Our  set comes with 50 free sink strainer nets. 

What you get

  • 1x Kitchen Sink Strainer
  • 50x FREE nets

How to use 

  • Attach the metal part to the adhesive by hooking them in the appropriate part of the adhesive. 

  • Remove the adhesive plastic layer, and stick it to the location of choice, making sure that the strainer opens over your kitchen sink.

  • Attach the plastic parts over the metal part.

  • Dump food remnants or any other particles that might cause clogs will be caught

  • Dispose the filter when full 

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