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Frizz Wand™

Frizz Wand™

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Key Features

✔️ Brush away bad hair days.
✔️ Wireless so you can style wherever.
Bristle tips stay cool to the touch.
✔️ Light setting relaxes hair for the salon look.
✔️ High setting straightens without damage.

Fight Frizz with Magic

Poof! Calm morning frizz with the push of a button. Light heat relaxes hair letting it fall naturally in place without damage.
Sleep in! Frizz Wand cuts hours off your morning de-frizzing routine. Just wake up and brush. Or, take it with you and style it on the go.

Brush Modes

Light: 212ºF - De Frizz
254ºF - Straighten Light Hair
 300ºF - Straighten Heavy Hair
Bristles help straighten hair at lower temperatures. The rechargeable battery lasts for 40 min and charges with USB-C.

Will It Damage My Hair?

On its highest setting, Frizz Wand heats up to 300°F. This is far cooler than the danger zone, which is 400°F and up.

Will My Hair Work?

The Frizz Wand can de-frizz all hair types. On the Light setting, it gently relaxes hair to remove frizz.

Medium is recommended for straightening fragile, thin, or medium-thickness hair. High is recommended for straightening medium, thick, and coarse hair.

Start low and increase the temperature as needed!

 📦 What’s in the Box

1x Frizz Wand
1x USB-C Charging Cable

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