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Car Cup Holder Swivel Tray™

Car Cup Holder Swivel Tray™

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Every Long Distance Drivers Need This!

Our Cup Holder Swivel Tray has an adjustable base that fits all cup holders and is 360° rotatable. It also comes with a mobile phone holder and has a huge surface for you to place multiple items at once!

Adjustable Base to Fit Cup Holder

The base of this Cup Holder Swivel Tray can be adjusted in size to fit different dimensions of cup holders. This makes it extremely convenient if you have multiple cars and often eat in the car.

360° Rotatable and Bendable

Our Cup Holder Swivel Tray is also 360° Rotatable so you can swivel your tray in any direction you like. It also has a bendable support system that allows you to adjust it to different angles that is more convenient for you!

Multifunctional Phone Holder

The top of this multifunctional Cup Holder Swivel Tray also comes with a convenient phone holder. Take a break from driving and have your snacks and beverages while watching your favourite movies!

Huge Surface To Place Multiple Items

Our new and improved Cup Holder Swivel Tray has a huge surface area compared to others. It allows you to place multiple items on top of it while holding them stably in your car.
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