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Automatic Paw Cleaner™

Automatic Paw Cleaner™

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WHY WOULD I BUY Automatic Paw Cleaner™?

While you remove your shoes back in the house, your pets don't! Automatic Paw Cleaner™ Automatic Paw Cleaner is a must-have for dog and cat owners who love to keep their home and car clean and care about their pet's health.

Keep Paws Healthy And Clean

Our Paw Cleaner keeps mud and dirt away from home.

Worry Less About The Mess

With a push of a button, you clean and enjoy more with your doggy or catty instantly on your pet's feet.

Easy To Use 

With a push of a button, you instantly clean your pet's feet.

Safe Design 

Enhanced with an auto-stop function



  •  Keep your house clean - Remove dirt marks from your pet's feet right at the door of your house and protect it from mess, dirt, and germs. 
  • Automatic Paw Cleaner vs. manual cleaner - Compared to a traditional portable paw cleaner, where you need to twist the cup manually, the automatic portable paw cleaner does all the work without effort. 
  • Soft,  gentle silicone bristles - The gentle silicone bristles remove dirt and mud from your pet’s paw.
  • Rechargeable with Long-lasting Battery Life - Our one-click paw cleaner has a rechargeable battery for 12 uses on a single charge. 
  • Portable - Take it with your pet anywhere you decide to go. Focus on the journey itself; let it handle the muddy paws before they get into your house or car.



Automatic Paw Cleaner™ IN FOUR SIMPLE STEPS 

Fill it with ⅔ water and pet soap or shampoo (if you prefer)
Insert your pooch’s paw, press the power button and let it clean, and massage his paw

Dab the paw dry on a towel & repeat for the other paws. You can change the water if needed.
Remove the top cover, remove the silicone bristles, and clean it with water for subsequent use.


The top allows a paw up 2.5~2.8 inches | 7.2 cm wide


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