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Automatic Hair Curler™

Automatic Hair Curler™

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Achieve professional-looking curls without going to a salon with our amazing cordless Automatic Hair Curler !

The automatic curling iron is the perfect new high-tech modeling tool for those who are not used to using traditional wired curling irons.
Stunning Curls Made Easy!

Whether it is just too cold or too hot to make the trip to your hair salon, or if your hair salon is closed for the day or the next couple of weeks you can still have great-looking curls in the safety and comfort of your own home with no skill required.

It can create any and all types of curls, from classic waves to tight ringlets, left or right-facing curls to help shape your face and because it offers USB charging it can go anywhere you do.
(Works on any length of hair, from a short bob to shoulder length and even well down your back) 
The Infinity Curler is even small enough to store in your handbag or overnight bag allowing you to curl your hair perfectly anywhere.

♥ Highlights

  •  Perfect for creating professionally tousled waves
  • Automatic adjustable heat settings (300°F - 390°F) 6 timer settings
  • Tourmaline and Ceramic barrel creates a shiny finish
  • 10-minute auto-off functionality
  • Can be used on all hair types

💭How to use

  • Step 1: Hold down the power button until the screen turns on. You can use the power and arrow buttons to adjust your desired settings. The screen will show many different settings you can choose from. We suggest playing around with the settings until you work out what works best for you!
  • Step 2: Place a segment of hair in the barrel then press and hold down the oval button until you hear the beeping. ​TIP: For natural wavy curls, place the hair in the barrel from the midsection of your hair (not close to your roots).
  • Step 3: Step ThreeOnce the beeping starts and the barrel has stopped rotating, let go of the button and leave hair inside the barrel until you hear two quick beeps. Then simply pull the Dreamwave away from the hair.


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