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Aroma Jelly Humidifier™

Aroma Jelly Humidifier™

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Want your room to smell like your favorite fragrance?

diffuser that encourages improved health and easier breathing.


Two Mist Modes

With just one touch, alternate between the special jellyfish mist mode and the straight mist mode. Simply push the tab on the dispenser's top to change the mist setting, then add your preferred perfume and use the tranquil hydrating mist to raise the atmosphere in your room.

Mode 1: Spray mode, in this mode, it sprays the air out.

Mode 2: Jellyfish mode, it pops out circles, formed like jellyfish!



  • Ultrasonic technology for quiet and efficient cool mist control
  • Soothing LED lighting at night
  • Soothes dry skin, nose, throat and lips
  • Relieves cold and flu-like symptoms
  • Whisper quiet ultrasonic technology
  • Anxiolytic smoke formation 
  • Colorful lights accompany at night.


Weight: 185g
Power: 2.5W
Product size: 81*81*145mm
Material: ABS/PP/Silicone/Electronic Components

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