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360° Surveillance Camera Bulb™

360° Surveillance Camera Bulb™

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Add an Extra Layer of Security to Your Home!

Feeling unsafe while you're traveling or simply at home? We created our 360° Surveillance Camera Bulb™ to give you maximal security and eliminate any worries you have. It is easy to install, features a highly sensitive motion detection camera, and can be accessed through our mobile app on any electronic device, anytime, anywhere.

Super Easy to Install

This 360° Surveillance Camera Bulb is designed to be the easiest to install! Simply install it on your own similar to how you change a bulb, and it will start functioning.

360° Automatic Motion Detection Camera

This Surveillance Camera features the new motion detection technology that is able to spin 360° and capture all angles around it. It automatically turns to a direction when it detects a motion, helping you to prevent intruders from entering your home!

Two-way Voice Intercom

This 360° Surveillance Camera can act as a CCTV and a lightbulb, and it also comes with a two-way voice intercom feature. It allows you to talk to the person around the camera anytime and anywhere by speaking into your microphone and connecting to the designated mobile app.

Mobile App Remote Playback

This 360° Surveillance Camera Bulb features a remote playback function so you can look back at the footage. All the footage captured on it can be easily accessed through the mobile app, no matter where you are. It also allows you to conveniently back up the footage via SD or cloud storage.
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