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3-in-1 Magnetic Phone Holder Camera & Charger™

3-in-1 Magnetic Phone Holder Camera & Charger™

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Why go out & spend extra? our camera-inspired 3-in-1 Magnetic Phone Holder & Charger™ attachment lets your phone & you feel like a pro!



Reduce picture jitters & your videos being shaky. Not only capture but charge your phone as well with the magnetic snap charge. Go out to snap & film your favorite moments this year.


1. Comfortable handle: Anti-skid ergonomic design, fitting camera leather, durable. Inspired by the camera-like handle, it makes photography more stable
2. Rotatable design: A simple rotation axis, which can be switched automatically, and the angle can be tilted to 12.5 degrees. It is not only a photo stand but also a desktop stand
3. Hidden suspension magnetic suction: Strong absorption, no fear of turbulence. Strong suction, stable mobile phone operation, no need to worry about the mobile phone falling off
4. Preferred material: The support is made of ABS material, which is environmentally safe and refuses to be processed with returned materials, without a peculiar smell; The handle is made of PU leather with excellent chemical and hydrolytic resistance
5. Make photography more stable: Capture beautiful moments, increase stability by holding with one hand, and reduce picture jitter. Leather gives you a better feel, and you won't be tired after shooting for a long time. Compact design, it can be placed in any pocket or bag, small body, easy to carry

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